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Endpoint protection delivered from the cloud
Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection is an endpoint protection platform featuring seven layers of technology, driven by the industry’s best-informed telemetry to protect your endpoints against known and unknown threats.

  • Protects against exploits, malware, fileless attacks, and ransomware with seven unique technology layers
  • Remediates all infection artifacts associated with unblocked threats
  • Cloud-based console for centralized management


Ransomware | Malware | Zero-day exploits | PUPs | Adware



On-premises endpoint security

Malwarebytes Endpoint Security is an endpoint protection platform that uses multiple technologies to proactively protect your computers against unknown and known threats.

  • Stops advanced malware, including ransomware and fileless attacks
  • Removes all traces of malware when an endpoint does get infected
  • Centralized management and threat reporting


A closer look

Core Technologies

Anti-malware features

  • Proactive anti-malware scanning engine
  • Small system footprint
  • Malicious website blocking
  • Three scan modes
  • Compatible with legacy security solutions
  • Separate remediation-only client for mac

Anti-exploit features

  • Anti-exploit technology shields vulnerable applications and browser
  • Four different layers of protection across stages of attack
  • Extremely light 3MB footprint, no signature database
  • Compatible with all anti-malware and antivirus products
  • Customizable protection for third party or custom apps

Anti-ransomeware features

  • Dedicated real-time detection and blocking engine
  • Proprietary ransomeware behavioral technology
  • Signature-less identification of unknown (zero-hour) ransomeware
  • Small system footprint
  • Compatible with third-party security solutions