Network Support

Our central business is supporting the intricate networks of our customers, providing effective, standardized Microsoft Based solutions. While OSit constantly seeks out the latest and best technologies, we will only implement solutions that we can be sure are tried and tested.

Internet & Email Solutions

Most homes and businesses these days rely completely on these business tools to function properly and efficiently, however most companies have a very disorganised email and internet system. OSit brings order and reliability to this, by sorting through the system and centralising your accounts and services.

System Security

Network and Computer Security is one of the most poorly managed aspects of Information Technology. Most businesses are unaware of the risks and dangers that are faced from an unsecure computer network. OSit will provide a tailored solution for backing up your data, protect your network from viruses, manage your hardware warranties, allowing your business to continue if critical hardware breaks down, we also manage your passwords and implement policies to keep your network secure.

Remote Access

Did you know that we can fix many of the common issues that occur on your network remotely from our office? Our technicians can connect to your network and work on your computers from our office while you watch! This saves you money (as we don't need to charge for travel), and it drastically improves response times. OSit implements policies and procedures to protect you from unauthorised access to sensitive information and unauthorised use of network resources.

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